Ten of the Very Best Dancing Babies

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

If there’s one thing more funny than a baby wearing sunglasses, it’s a baby dancing. Babies have an astonishing sense of rhythm even before they can walk, meaning they can bust some pretty impressive moves without having had any lessons. At Giraffe Childcare we’ve put together our favourite Top 10.

Way back in the nineties, a dancing baby became one of the internet’s very first GIFs, spreading like wildfire and ending up on sitcom! Ally McBeal! These days, people can share their footage of real-life dancing babies, as opposed to the animated kind. It’s amazing to watch, even if you’re not baby-crazy. We’ve compiled a list of some of the world’s very best tiny dancers. Move over cat videos ג€“ it’s time to waste time watching boogieing babies.

1. Happy

The video for Pharrell Williams’ feel-good hit has spurned a shedload of online imitations, but this one of a toddler and her photo-bombing baby brother is one of the happiest of them all.

2. Fred the Raver

Fred reclines coolly in his car seat, apparently waiting for the bassy breakdown on this drum and bass track. When it drops, he goes crazy. But what really makes this one are the facial expressionsג€¦

3. Awesome Dancing Toddler

We’ve got no idea what this music is, but never mind that; this toddler has got the! moves.

4. Catchy

This little girl leads the grown-ups with her catchy (and very cute) dance routine, which may or may not have been down to too much party food.

5. Break-dancing Baby

If anyone can find a baby as adorable and as good at break-dancing as this one, we think it’s time for the cutest break-dancing battle there ever wasג€¦

6. Gangnam Style

Love it or loathe it, Gangnam style is still one of the most contagious dance crazes in the history of the world ג€“ and this little one has got Psy’s signature moves down to a tee.

7. Gettin’ Jiggy

It might have been a few years since Will Smith was in the charts, but this baby is a real fan. So much so that along with dancing, he sings (orג€¦ growls?) along.

8. Wake Up Dancing

Getting up in the mornings would be so much easier if you could just whack on some classic electro and take a leaf out of this little darling’s bookג€¦

9. Celtic Dancing

Dangling your baby from the door frame in an elastic baby bouncer hardly makes it the next Michael Flatley, but it will still kind of look like they’re in Riverdance, which is actually quite funny.

10.Baby Beyonce

If you liked it then you should’ve put a teething ring on it. Or something like that, anyway. This nappy-clad baby is enthralled by! All the Single Ladies.

All videos sourced from! Youtube.com


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