All About Me

All About Me
Supporting transition from home to Giraffe Questionnaire

Childs Name: ______________

Planned Return Date: ___________

  1. Tell us how your child has been over the last few months?


  1. Does your child have any particular play interests at the moment, or any particular toys/materials he/she likes to play with?


  1. What is your child looking forward to when they return to Giraffe Stepaside? (This can be an activity, story, part of their day, seeing friends etc.)


  1. Are there any changes to your child’s routine we should know about? (sleep, food, medication etc.) or any updates we should know for your child’s information form (Immunisations)


  1. Do you have any other information which you feel we need to know?


  1. Do you have any questions you would like us to answer?


Parents Signature: ________________                                                 Date:______________

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