Christmas at Giraffe Childcare!

Monday, January 18th, 2016

christmas fairy 4

From early December the boys and girls in all the centres had a chance to experience many Christmas traditions and customs. They contributed to decorating and making each centre look Christmassy and their excitement and enthusiasm was contagious! The children put on concerts for their parents, had Christmas parties and even had a visit from Santa himself!


In some of the centres the children worked together to make postboxes for their letters to Santa. They wrote letters and then took turns to post them in the big red postbox!



The children made lots of different types of artwork to decorate their centres, and many were involved in doing fabulous decorations on each of the internal doors.

In Celbridge the children had the idea of painting on the glass windows. They did a fabulous job! It was wonderful to try painting on a different medium other than paper and cardboard!

Also in Celbridge, the children helped to make these beautiful fairies for the Christmas tree, using only natural materials! This was a wonderful sensory activity and was great practice for their fine motor skills!


In Blanchardstown, the children were involved in a project to collect food for the local St. Vincent De Paul Society. This helped to teach them about charity and sharing with others.

Staff in many centres had a Christmas Jumper day in aid of Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice. Here are the staff from Griffeen in their lovely Christmas attire!

Santa’s Grotto Competition

Each centre competed for the best Santa’s Grotto. Staff and children worked hard designing and decorating their grottos and the results were outstanding! Each and every grotto was wonderful! The finalists were put to a public vote on our Facebook page and the winning centre was Park West! Congratulations Park West!

Here’s a little video of the magical grotto in Cherrywood!


Santa Visits

There was so much excitement when Santa came to visit each of the centres. The excitement on the children’s little faces was just magical!

Christmas Concerts

Each of the centres held a Christmas concert and the parents were invited to hear the songs and poems from their little ones. There was great excitement and the children did wonderfully!

Here is a snippet from Northern Cross!

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