Covid-19 Suspected and Confirmed cases

This document is provided to explain company policy and procedure on measures and steps to take in the event of a suspected/confirmed case of Covid 19, to employees, in order to manage and reduce the risk of spreading infection

Ways of working
In the event a suspected/confirmed case of Covid 19 the following steps must be taken

  • Child/ staff member must be removed from the base room and taken to identified isolation room and supervised by a member of the management team until they are collected/leave centre
  • Contact will be made with the parent
  • The member of management attending to the child should wear the correct PPE
  • A member of management should record details of the child/staff who has been identified with either a temperature or symptoms of Covid-19.
  • All suspected / confirmed cases are recorded centrally by the Safety Advisor. The Area Support Manager and the Safety Advisor should be notified, if someone has gone home and report their symptoms.
  • If you have not reported previously confirmed cases, please let your Safety Advisor know.
  • The base room and all affected areas should undergo enhanced cleaning.
  • Notification to Tusla / public health and will follow as per the procedure for reporting notifications of illness.

Recording staff and children who are self-isolating or showing symptoms

It is important that each centre has a record of all their staff/children who have not been at work or attending the centre due to illness or self-isolating following Covid-19 symptoms.

The following information should be recorded for each staff member and child who did not attend:

  • Detail of symptoms / reason for self-isolation
  • First day not at work/creche
  • Date returned to work/ returned to the centre
  • Any other key notes/ updates e.g. why the period is extended, admission to hospital etc.

Recording Covid-19 Cases

  • A confirmed case is a positive test for Covid-19 completed by a medical practitioner and confirmed by the Public Health Authority.
  • Please notify your Safety Advisor immediately of any child or member of staff confirmed as having Covid-19 as notification to the relevant public health bodies is required.
  • If a case of Covid-19 is confirmed of a child in our centre, the parent is requested to report the case to the centre immediately. Further steps will be advised thereafter.

We would consider a direct link to the centre to be someone who is confirmed as having Covid-19 and is:

  • A child who attends the centre
  • A parent who regularly visits the centre for drop off/collections
  • A person who lives in the same household as a child who attends our centre
  • A member of staff who works at the centre
  • A person who lives in the same household as a member of staff
  • A member of central support who has visited the centre in the last 14 days
  • A person who has visited the centre in the last 14 days and had close contact with the children or staff
  • Considered by Public Health Authority as a contact to persons in the centre

Please gather information on the confirmed case and share with your

Safety Advisor:

  • Is the confirmed case a member of staff, visitor, child or parent?
  • When was the last time the confirmed case been in the centre and which areas where they in?
  • Who did they come into contact with?
  • What information or guidance, if any has been issued by Public Health Authority?
  • Collate information to support contact tracing

Testing for Covid-19

It is important that staff who are showing symptoms of Coronavirus are tested so that we can determine the true risk to the children and other staff and take appropriate action where necessary. This is a swab test and forms part of the Governments testing strategy.

  • Having the swab test will mean you can find out if you have the virus and can return to work/creche if it is negative.

Management of additional Hygiene/Operation of centre during COVID 19

  • If a confirmed Covid-19 case in identified, contact tracing may be required to identify close and extended contacts
  • All families will be informed and advised of the procedure in line with Public Health Authority guidance
  • All staff members will be informed of the procedure and supported in line with Public Health Authority guidance
  • The centre and possible affected areas will then undergo a deep sanitization – All surfaces and contact areas will be sanitised and cleaned down throughout the day. (these include door handles, key pads/switches, light switches, all floors/toilets, toilet seats/handles, wash hand basin/taps, tables/chairs in base rooms, furniture and equipment in office and all computer/Tablets/ Telephones throughout the centre
  • The centre will remain open after the deep sanitation unless it’s advised differently by Public Health Authorities
  • The person/child with confirmed Covid-19 will have to self-isolate and will not be allowed return to service for 14 days as per public health guidance


  • PPE
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Paperwork and polices

Review Date

  • Under continuous review during COVID-19 period and per public health guidance





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