My son is graduating from  NCI after three and a half years there – an exciting time but yet a sad day as he leaves the most amazing staff and his little buddies! I can’t thank enough all the staff in NCI Giraffe who have prepared him for this next step – THANK YOU 🙂


Mum - Giraffe NCI

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I’m always happy with the care and attention that my daughter receives on a daily basis from the staff in Giraffe NCI. She always comes home with tales of daily activities, play and new friends. The staff are very attentive and I always receive a daily report as to how everything went during the day. For me, knowing my daughter is in both safe hands and a friendly environment is peace of mind. Thank you to all the staff!


Dad - Giraffe Childcare NCI

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We will miss you immensely because you have been like a second family to us. Tommaso is always so happy to come to you! It’s important, especially for mums, to feel positivity and trust and when you enter Giraffe NCI, you can feel the happiness, the fun and the warm environment that you have created. We love all of you and I will mis you so much


Mother of Tomasso - Giraffe NCI

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Sean is very happy at the creche and the staff in the baby room are all very attentive. He is happy to go to each and every one of them in the morning and is always content in the evening. To me, that’s a job well done!


Father to Sean - Giraffe NCI

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