Erica’s Story

Monday, May 30th, 2016

In 2013, the staff at Giraffe Park West welcomed Erica to their toddler room. She was an energetic and friendly child who loved dressing up in her princess dress and holding tea parties!

Erica was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2014, and has since had to spend a lot of time receiving special treatment at Crumlin Children’s Hospital. The staff at the hospital have even made special arrangements for Erica to continue with school, and allow her time in a classroom area to do art activities and read.

As a big sister to Layla, Erica is so caring and takes good care of her little sister when they are at home. Erica is now 5 and half years old and in January 2106 her family were notified that the Leukemia had relapsed. She is due to have a transplant on June 9th, in Crumlin Children’s Hospital. Her parents, Natasha and Ciaran, have created a YouTube channel with lovely videos of Erica playing dress-up and taking care of her dolls. They invite everyone to follow her journey with her family, friends and staff of St. John’s Ward, Crumlin.

Last week, Erica came to visit her carers and friends at Giraffe Park West and arrived with a great big smile! We were all so excited to see her again and looking so happy.

Mum mentioned to Rachael that Erica’s appetite had decreased, mainly due to the harsh treatments she was receiving at the hospital, but that Chef William’s soup was one of her favourite meals. William prepared a big pot of his Magic Soup specially for all the children that day and Erica ate every last drop. William then presented the family with a big supply of soup for them to take home with them, in hopes that Erica’s appetite would come back again. He suggested that the creche’s ‘Special Blue Bowls’ even hold magical powers and might make the hospital food taste better. When Erica waved good bye to everyone at Park West, she said she would come back again for a visit in the summer, wearing her favourite Princess dress.

On behalf  of everyone at Giraffe, and especially Rachael and Sabrina in Park West, we want to wish Erica all the very best as she continues to be a very brave girl and battle Leukemia. A special wish to Natasha, Ciaran and Layla too as they will have a tough couple weeks ahead of them now.

Enjoying her special Soup from Chef William!

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