Giraffe Childcare Statement, 13th August 2013

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Dear Parent,

This has been a difficult summer for all involved in the child care sector following the revelations of lapses in care standards. Most importantly we are conscious of the impact this has had for parents using childcare services everywhere, as trust is the fundamental element in the partnership between parent and care provider.

We have left no stone unturned in order to safeguard against any such lapses in our standards occurring again. We have listened closely to parents in devising and implementing our plan of action. You will see we appointed a number of independent experts to assist us in this task, including childcare expert Mr John Byrne M.A.B.A. (Hon), a specialist in this area to audit all our centres ensuring that Giraffe operates to the highest standards achievable. John is well advanced in this project and we are already working with him in implementing changes.

While the process we are engaged in regrettably stemmed from lapses in adherence to our standards in one of our centres, we were very heartened to learn that these lapses are not systemic. 98% of Giraffe families continued to trust and value the care we provided for their children. I believe this is testimony to the unique relationship our carers and management develop with our children and their parents through the quality of care delivered every day. We would like to thank sincerely all our parents for their support and on going trust in our service and in our staff.

We would also like to thank our staff as we are very conscious of the difficult time they have had and we thank them for their continued loyalty and commitment to their responsibilities in the face of such challenging circumstances.

Our focus now is to continue to earn the reputation that we have enjoyed up to now and to continue to deserve the trust of you our attending parents and future parents who choose Giraffe to care for your children. We all must learn from mistakes and I believe given the extensive course of action we have taken, Giraffe Centres are the most secure, safe childcare settings in the country. Parents’ peace of mind is paramount and can only be sustained by a loving care environment for each child where learning is fun and the child develops in accordance with their unique nature and at their own pace.

To read our plan of action in full click here.

Dolores O’Donnell, Director of Childcare

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