Keep calm and carry on

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Keeping your cool in the midst of screaming babies and toddler tantrums can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions on how to remain calm when all hell is breaking looseג€¦

Don’t sweat the small stuff

No parent is ever going to get through the day if they start speaking sharply and doling out punishments at 8.30am. Take a brief moment to step outside the situation and consider if the problem is really that severe, and if not, either let it go or deal with it in a controlled fashion. Save the big guns for when it really matters.

Don’t set too many rules

If you govern your kids by a long list of rules, you’re bound to trip up over them after a while. Nobody really wants to live that way and, if it’s not a huge issue, your children will actually learn a little from your willingness to compromise or at least discuss the situation. By all means set important rules, but make them count by simply having less of them.

Get enough sleep

It can be really tough to remain calm in the face of chaos when you’re utterly exhausted. Although you’ve finally got the baby to bed and every last ounce of your being wants to stay up late to watch that escapist drama series you’ve been glued to every Tuesday, resist and get an early night. Sleep is vital for your health ג€“ both physical and mental ג€“ so don’t deprive yourself of a few Zzzs when you get the opportunity.


Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day will not only benefit your fitness levels but it will boost your mood as well. Get those endorphins flowing freely and you’ll feel much better able to deal with whatever the children throw at you. It’s just as important to leave the house and grab some fresh air whenever you can.

Take care of yourself

So many busy moms get so caught up in their kids’ lives that they postpone and forget the silliest things, like eating. Make sure yours is a healthy diet with meals at regular intervals ג€“ food keeps your blood sugar and energy levels up and helps you to feel strong.

Time out

Not just for them ג€“ for you. If you feel like you’re getting dangerously close to completely losing it with older children, take a deep breath and leave the room (providing it’s safe to do so). A few moments away from the situation may not only solve tantrums and sibling spats without your interference, but it’ll also allow you time to calm down, gather your thoughts and prepare a solution.

In a broader sense, also make sure you take enough time out to regain your sense of self and escape the parenting bonds for a few occasional precious hours. Whether it’s a hot bath, a long country walk or a night out with friends, build it in to your schedule so that you’ll be able to let off steam. For ideas on how to do this, read our blog on Making Room For Me Time.

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