Our Educational Easter Timeline About Chocolate!

Sunday, July 20th, 2014


Many of us treat ourselves to a nice bit of chocolate from time to time, but what goes into that bar or Easter egg? How were today’s popular chocolate inspired? Did you ever hear of a Chocolate Potato Cake? Would you be surprised if the Irish were involved in such a recipe?

We have produced a mouth-watering timeline: The Delicious History of Chocolate, just in time for Easter! Covering 4,000 years of the tasty treat, we’ve shown the path from harvesting cocoa beans in Central America, to Christopher Columbus ignoring them during his search for gold, to the opening of chocolate theme-parks, to the recent development of chocolate stout ג€“ this fascinating timeline shows just how much time was needed to perfect each succulent bite!

To View the Timeline Click This Link – Delicious History of Chocolate Timeline

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