The Rabbits

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

We love ‘The Rabbits’ a great interactive poem for parents and children to share.

The Rabbits
A family of rabbits lived under a tree (close right hand and hide it under left arm)
A father, a mother, and babies three. (hold up thumb, then fingers in succession)
Sometimes the bunnies would sleep all day; (make fist)
But when night came, they liked to play. (wiggle fingers)
Out of the hole, they’d creep, creep, creep. (move fingers in a creeping motion)
While the birds in the trees were all asleep, (rest face on hands, place palms together)
Then the bunnies would scamper about and run… (wiggle fingers)
Uphill, downhill! Oh, what fun! (Move fingers vigorously)
But when the mother said, ‘It’s time to rest’, (hold up middle finger)
Pop! They would hurry (clap hands after ‘pop’)
Right back to their nest! (Hide hand under arm)

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