Time saving tips for the morning

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


We’ve all been there. The clock is ticking, your partner’s running late for his train, your five-year-old spills cereal all down his school uniform and your two-year-old announces she needs the potty just as you start to pull out of the driveway. Here are a few seasoned suggestions for making mornings run just a little more smoothlyג€¦

  • The night before, put out your children’s clothes in an obvious place, so they have no excuses of lost socks two minutes before you’re due to leave the house. As a general rule, keep that washing machine busy and always make sure you have clean clothes ready in advance ג€“ try to build this into a weekly routine.
  • Leave your children’s school and pre-school bags packed and ready by the front door (or, if you’re driving, already in the car boot). Try to teach your older children to check they have all their books and homework ready before bedtime each evening.
  • Make packed lunches, fill up water bottles and keep them in the fridge till the morning. If you’re likely to forget them, leave a note on top of the school bags or programme a daily reminder into your mobile phone to give you a timely jog.
  • Keep all shoes, coats, hats, scarves and gloves accessible and stored in an orderly fashion close to the front door. If your child comes home one night with shoes that look like they’ve been sucked into a swamp, deal with them then and there ג€“ you’ll have no chance at scraping away dried mud when it’s precisely eight minutes until the school bell rings the next morning.
  • Instil a set family routine ג€“ make sure your children know they need to be dressed with clean teeth and brushed hair, and downstairs eating breakfast by a certain time each day.
  • Build time into your routine for seasonal activities, such as applying sun cream (it takes longer than you think), or fiddling with snow boots and waterproofs.
  • Live by lists ג€“ whether it’s Post-it notes, apps on your phone, or bog standard scribbled ג€˜to dos’, never rely on your memory for anything ג€“ kids have an amazing ability to drain every last cohesive thought from your brain during a night interrupted by sickness, bad dreams or bedwetting. So make life easier for yourself the night beforeג€¦ just in case.
  • Build in time each morning for that predictable last minute toilet trip or two. There’s absolutely nothing worse than having them all buckled into their car seats and ready to rock when one of them needs the loo urgently!


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