Parental agreement for working together during Covid-19

Our priority is about your child settling back into our care. This agreement sets out how we will work in partnership with you during this time.

Ways of working:

We recognise that your child has been away from their friends and carers for some time. We understand there may be unsettlement for some children as they return to creche and we will do everything we can to settle your child as quickly as possible. To ensure a smooth transition for them on return we will support this by focusing on key areas and we will work on rebuilding relationships with your child, so they feel safe, loved and cared for.

We will maintain a high standard of infection control with your help with changes to our arrival and collection procedure and appreciate the support and request that you do not enter past the main reception. To prevent cross-contamination, we are unable to store children’s buggies/trikes/scooters or car seats within the centres. These can be brought to the centre but must be taken home with parent after drop-off.

Upon a safe reopening and in order to effectively manage the operations of each of our centres, our hours have been adjusted slightly for the initial settling back in period. By doing so, it allows the safe return of our staff and children. As before children had key carers however, with new ways of working these hours allow staff and children to arrive and leave the setting together as movement of staff and children to other rooms is not allowed. We will communicate any further change with you as it arises.

We will always ensure a friendly welcome on arrival/collection. Upon arrival, there will be a warm welcome for your child, a short handover, temperature taking and then your child will be escorted to their play pod to their key carer and will have their hands washed.  Again, on collection we ask you ring the main buzzer and wait while we bring your child to you.

Note: Children or staff who are 38C or above are not allowed to attend the centre for a minimum of 24 hours or until they are well enough to return to the centre.

We understand that some of the changes may create worries, but we will keep in regular communication with you each day to let you know how your child is. Please share any information with us about your child is as this will help us engage and comfort your child. During the day we will take photos and will do our best to share these with your regularly.

We have considered in detail how we can enable normal development and interaction for our children have made changes to the way we operate and implemented public health guidelines. Your child’s well bring and happiness is very important to us so we have kept things as familiar as possible for them inside the building. We have made small changes to some of our activities, but our curriculum and ethos will remain normal while ensuring all safety procedures are followed.

All our staff have been trained and inducted in the necessary Covid-19 changes and are looking forward to welcoming your child back, seeing and hearing about all the achievements and fun activities they have been up to over the past few months.

Key operational changes:

  1. Children with a temperature of 38 degrees or over will not be accepted in the centre to ensure the well-being of other children and staff in the centre.
  2. If a child develops a high temperature of 38 or above whilst at crèche, we will ask that they are collected within 45 minutes of being called and remain at home for a minimum of 24 hours.
  3. We will only administer Calpol/Nurofen to children under 15 months who are teething or for those children who are at risk of a febrile convulsion.
  4. We will hold settling-in days on 29th and 30th June and for the remainder of that week (week-ending 3rd July) and for the following week (week-ending 10th July), we will be operating from 8am to 5pm to settle children back in to creche and will then be reviewed.
  5. Buggies, strollers, trikes and car seats cannot be accommodated in our centres for health and safety reasons.


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