Parent feedback is so important to us at Giraffe and it’s always great for us to hear such wonderful words of praise for our teams which celebrate and recognise the love, care and attention that their children receive in our crèches.

We understand that as parents, it can be difficult to leave your child with someone else, so it’s reassuring to hear from other parents about the great experience that their children enjoy in Giraffe every day.

Everyone at Giraffe Parkwest have been wonderful carers for Amelia over the last four years

Tony & Susan

Parents of Amelia - Giraffe ParkWest

Heart - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe ParkWest

The attention & care provided by the staff was really evident in the early months


Father of Sam - Giraffe Adamstown

Quiz - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Adamstown

Thank you very much to all at Liffey Valley for all that you’ve done for .


Father - Giraffe Liffey Valley

Mortarboard - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Liffey Valley

The range of activities she experienced was excellent and I was always impressed with the daily reports and updates.

Claire & Matt

Parents of Grace - Giraffe Griffeen

Heart - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Griffeen

Staff in the Ballyowen centre are extremely attentive and caring and very good at their jobs, well done to all! Special thank you to Anca and Natalia as my boy Zack loves them very much!!


Zack's Dad - Giraffe Lucan

Paint right - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Lucan

The thing is and this is the special unique quality about Giraffe Rathborne, you didn’t all just look after my baby, you also looked after me.


Mum of George - Giraffe Rathborne

Giraffe Testimonial Image Two Hearts View Giraffe Rathborne
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