Your Child’s Day

Learning to Learn Every Day.

To you its play, to them it is learning

In their first three years, your child will take their first steps, make their first friends and begin to develop skills that will form the foundation of a lifetime.

At Giraffe childcare, we are dedicated to promoting each child’s individual emotional, social and physical development during this important period in their development.

Every morning, experienced and positive carers present your child with a range of age appropriate indoor and garden activities to engage and promote their development and independence.

At Giraffe we believe in learning through play and provide a stimulating and safe environment where your child will have fun as they learn to learn.

Treating children as individuals, we delight in helping children develop emotionally, socially and physically in stimulating enabling environments with a rich curriculum delivered by caring staff who support the children warmly and sensitively to grow up as confident, inquisitive individuals who love learning.

We value and promote play as a meaningful method of learning. Every day is different! Throughout the morning, the children will be engrossed in a variety of activities, both adult-led and child-initiated using both the indoors and our outdoor play areas as their learning environment.