Our Approach

We provide a homely, warm and safe setting that’s responsive to each childs interests and sensitive to their individual needs. Underlying our approach is the belief that every child is a unique and special individual.

Our Vision

Each of our crèches becomes a home from home where your little one can express themselves and make new friends in a warm, welcoming environment. Our child-initiated and adult led ethos means that we focus on each child’s individual interests and needs and support them as they investigate the world in their special way.

Our Practice

It takes a village to raise a child and we work closely together with communities parents and families to best fulfil our role enable confident and happy children to learn and grow together. It’s a role we take seriously because we believe that together we are helping to build a better and brighter future, one child at a time.

Quality Framework

At Giraffe childcare we’re committed to nurturing your childs love of life and boundless curiosity. We are all about fun and learning through play because we know that fun is at the heart of promoting your childrens emotional, social, physical and cognitive well-being.

What our Parents say about us

She is learning and thriving under the careful and attentive guidance of her wonderful carers

Brian & Orla
Parents of Grace
Giraffe Clonsilla
Paint right - Giraffe Childcare

We are so grateful for the patience, imagination and love of all her teachers across the rooms

Giraffe IFSC

Big thanks to the amazing staff!

Michal & Mike 
Parents at Celbridge
Giraffe Celbridge

I liked the high sense of self esteem that you have helped instil in them

Julie & Barry
Parents of Joseph & Luke
Giraffe Blanchardstown
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