(12 months to 24 months)

To you its play, to them it is learning. As a wobbler, your child takes their first steps and really begins to explore the world around them.

At Giraffe we’re there every step of the way to support and nurture their natural curiosity. Every day is action packed with exciting child initiated activities designed to nurture their development.

There’s large movement activities that develop children’s balance and gross motor skills, there’s all types of art, there’s water and messy play, dressing up, garden time, tumble tots, singing, dancing and early language activities.

All our fun activities all help to promote your child’s communication and social skills while encouraging sensory and language development. To them, it’s just lots of fun, and that’s because we believe that learning is literally, child’s play.

Parents and carers enjoy a continuous and ongoing dialogue. Together with weekly observations and developmental meetings that ensures a meaningful dialogue between home and crèche supports your child’s day to day development.

In addition we keep individual diaries for every child that detail daily their mealtimes, sleeping pattern, nappy changes, specified medical administration and any other additional information about your child’s day that may be helpful. The ratio for this age group is 1 adult to 5 children but we ensure that we have extra support available for those busy times during the day.

For more information, call us on (01) 2450935

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