My child has grown into a wonderful confident, caring, loving and compassionate child who gets along with children and knows how to stand on her own two feet, very confidant I will never be able to thank the Managers and staff for this as my child grew up in Giraffe from a child to a lovely little girl who will be on her way to school in September.  My child I have no doubt will flourish and shine in school from all knowledge, how to make and keep friends, how to sing, play, and write.


Mum - Giraffe Navan

Heart - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Navan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff in Giraffe in Navan who we feel have been very courteous, professional and approachable in their care of all of our children over the past 3 years


Father of Barry & Olivia - Giraffe Navan

Mortarboard - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Navan
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