Big thanks to Tara, Tanya, Christina and all the team at Giraffe Liffey Valley for looking after Connor these last 7 months. I was a new mum, so nervous leaving my baby but the girls are great and were so reassuring and really looked after him for me. A great crèche and lovely people. Highly recommended. Thanks all!


Mum of Connor - Giraffe Liffey Valley

Mortarboard - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Liffey Valley

Thank you very much to all at Liffey Valley for all that you’ve done for .


Father - Giraffe Liffey Valley

Mortarboard - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Liffey Valley

Giraffe Liffey Valley is a very special place for children!

Our son LOVES Giraffe and goes in every day with a bounce in his step. The care, love and professionalism that he experiences every day is beyond what we thought a crèche could provide. The art, activities, food and themed days have been a particular highlight. His social, emotional and language development has thrived under the care and guidance of Barbara and her team.

Leaving your child for 40 hours a week is hard but this amazing creche made the return to work easier. The warm welcome that we meet at drop off and collection every day is a reflection of the kindness of all of the staff there and reassures us that Giraffe was the perfect choice for our family. We are truly grateful for amazing care provided.

Above all, the real testament to this crèche is the fun that our son has and the smile that he wears there throughout the day. He loves going out the door in the mornings to meet his friends and his Giraffe mammies. In particular, Monika, Maialen, Kelly, Ciara, Amy, Paloma and Cristina have been exceptional teachers and their kindness and enthusiasm is to be applauded. Leaders, Barbara and Andrada, have been so thoughtful and supportive throughout and have always had a friendly word at the end of the day for us.

Thanks again for being such an important part of our son’s early years and best of luck to you in the future.

Parent Testimonials – Liffey Valley

Gearóid Buckley - Giraffe Liffey Valley

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My name is Ewan and I am nearly seven. I went to Giraffe Childcare. My favourite class was the Pre-school class. I loved going there because the teachers cared for us. I learned new things every day. We did lots of good activities. My favourite song was the continents song. If Liffey Valley Giraffe Childcare didn’t exist everything would be boring! My brother Callum is now in the Pre-school class. I love going back to see the teachers!

We all say thanks to the teachers!


Pre School Graduate - Giraffe Liffey Valley

Paint right - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Liffey Valley

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Emily’s favorite carers, who give her cuddles and kisses when I leave her to go to work . All the girls at the Liffey Valley are great and for looking after our most precious,  both Mark and I would like to thank you !


Mum of Emily - Giraffe Liffey Valley

Mortarboard - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Liffey Valley

I would like to mention a huge THANK YOU to all the beautiful staff at Liffey Valley. Thank you girls for not only being amazing at what you do and also for caring for my Brooke. Your support will never be forgotten!


Mother of Brooke - Giraffe Liffey Valley

Heart - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Liffey Valley
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