This creche is absolutely brilliant for our 2 kids, aged 1 & 3. The manager, Gillian, is as nice a person you could ever hope to take care of your loved ones. She is greatly experienced, knowledgeable and always has a great manner with the children and warm welcome for parents. I feel her approach feeds down to all of the loevly staff there who are all great with children, enthusiastic and friendly. Our kids love going in everyday. We couldn’t recommend this creche and its staff highly enough


Dad - Giraffe Griffeen

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Our son has been with Giraffe Griffeen for two and a half years now and enjoys his time there very much. The management and staff are very professional, friendly, polite and always go out of their way to make you feel welcome. The little lad has come on leaps and bounds in his development and no doubt this comes from spending his days in Giraffe. He eats healthy nutritious food every day and the range of different activities is quite impressive. Obviously, with the onset of Covid early last year, it has been a difficult, nervous and demanding time for everyone. Giraffe have provided a safe environment for all the kids and staff and this has to be commended greatly. All in all, it has been a highly positive experience and I would recommend this creche to others.

Parent Testimonial – Griffeen

Richard Howlett - Giraffe Griffeen

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The most worrying thing for me as a parent in choosing a crèche was that no-one could look after Grace like I could but these fears were immediately put aside with the staff of Griffeen. I always found all the carers who looked after Grace to be friendly, caring and loving and totally devoted to their job and to the children in their care. All the staff knew Grace by name and I feel it was a testament to the care and love she experienced that she ran into crèche every morning and happily waved goodbye to me!

Grace absolutely thrived during her 3 years in Griffeen and I was amazed by her development both mentally and emotionally. The range of activities she experienced was excellent and I was always impressed with the daily reports and the feedback I received from the girls about how Grace was doing.

Many thanks!

Claire & Matt

Parents of Grace - Giraffe Griffeen

Heart - Giraffe Childcare View Giraffe Griffeen

We are and always have been very happy that the boys are very well cared for in the centre and we are thankful to you both and to all of the girls for all of the love, care and attention given to the boys over the past few years.


Mother of Connor & Sean - Giraffe Griffeen

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