A small note with a big message of thanks for looking after George to incredibly well during his time at Giraffe Rathborne.

The thing is and this is the special unique quality about Giraffe Rathborne, you didn’t all just look after my baby, you also looked after me and for both those things I am incredible grateful.




Mum of George - Giraffe Rathborne

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I really am so grateful that my Oscar and Sam are going to Giraffe Rathborne. Basically I can go to work and not worry about the boys all day. It’s a small simple sentence to write but means so much!

Everyone there, from Caroline to chef Annmarie, to all the carer’s, are just so brilliant. I know you all work really hard every day ensuring Oscar and Sam are not only safe and healthy but happy, simulated and loved. It means so much to me to see Oscar run in to his room and hug his carer. Even when he’s not being an angel you guys are there for him. Sam has settled so well in his baby room – it’s amazing. The centre is bright, clean and decorated with art work the kids/carer’s have made, everyone gets to feel special on their birthday. All the different carer’s Oscar has had have brought something new to his little life. Thank you for doing what you do every day and taking such good care of my boys. It really is appreciated!


Oscar and Sam's Mum - Giraffe Rathborne

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Thank you so much for all you have done for Tara, Hannah and Conor over the past 8 years.
it is quite the end of an era for us and we will miss it. The kids were always so well taken care of and they all speak so fondly of Giraffe Rathborne. Thank you all Again!

Elaine & Steve

Parents of Tara, Hannah & Conor - Giraffe Rathborne

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