(2 – 3 years)

Your child is quickly gaining new confidence in themselves and also developing a deeper understanding of the world around them.

At this age, they’re ready for a little more structure and new fun challenges as well as free play and rest periods. As your child discovers their own independence, we encourage and guide them to further develop their confidence and their intellectual, social and emotional development as they explore their environment.

We pay especially close attention to the development of speech and language and encourage the development of your child’s speech and language through a range of fun and social activities such as songs, role play and storytelling. Other main areas of focus include music, arts and crafts, colours, numbers and fun messy play, where we encourage each child to express their personality through creative and imaginative play whilst promoting their self-esteem and concentration.

In addition, we work closely with parents to help toilet train and follow the routines that are developed at home. Your child’s key carer will always be available to talk to and answer any questions or queries you may have. We also keep a record of each child’s development and these are updated on a weekly basis. We operate a 6:1 ratio for this age group but always ensure that there is an extra pair of hands available to support throughout the day!

For more information, please call us on (01) 2450935

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