Our Managers

No day is ever the same!! You cant get bored in this job. You are always on the go, educating and caring for the children, meeting new people and dealing with the daily demands of a busy centre. I love my days off just like anybody else but to be honest, after a few days off I can’t wait to get back to the creche!
We all have our good and bad days but in here you can be cheered up within a matter of seconds. You only have to open the door of the rooms and the children are usually shouting your name, running for a hug or bidding for your attention. They are always so keen to tell you all their news which has to be told in a matter seconds and everyone has to tell you all at once. I just find them fascinating to listen to and watch while trying to figure out what goes on in their little minds.
I also love the fact that while you work in your centre with your team on a daily basis, you are also working with another 20 centres and their staff teams and everyone supports each other! I have worked in a few centres over my time and I love that when I go to another centre, I am bound to know a friendly face – Giraffe is literally like a little community.

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