Scientist Visits Celbridge for Science Week!

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

The lucky children in Preschool Kenya, Celbridge had a very special and interesting visitor last week during Science Week! David, one of our parents, is a scientist who collaborates with the Science Foundation Ireland and he took time out to visit us in Preschool Kenya.

As our theme of the month is Space, we asked him if he could do a little experiment with the older children. We were delighted when he decided to make rockets with them!

He brought Space stickers for the children and they all decorated their rockets with the stickers and made them different colours. They then had a chance to fly them! David brought some “rocket fuel” and a “rocket launcher” and the children had to wear safety goggles and a helmet to launch their own rocket.

David brought along wonderful pictures and videos of different rockets and space and taught the children all about the International Space station and different trips to space. David was really impressed with the amount of knowledge our preschoolers already had about space and gave them a model of the International Space Station as a present to add to their Space Display Board.

We cannot thank David enough for giving us his time and knowledge and making last Friday such a special day for the children in Preschool Kenya. They are still talking about it a week later!

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