Covid-19 Infection Control Policy

This document is provided to explain company policy and procedure on Infection control to employees to minimise and reduce the risk of spreading infection

Ways of Working

  • We will ensure that hygiene and cleanliness within the centre is of the highest priority at all times.
  • All toilets, changing units and surrounding areas are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • Floors, tables and equipment are cleaned and disinfected during the day and after each key carer group moves through activities.
  • Good hand hygiene practices reduce and prevent the spread of infection. Appropriate facilities and cleaning agents are available and both staff and children are regularly reminded to wash their hands throughout the day.
  • Safe working ways for nappy changing/toileting is in place with clear guidance.
  • All staff/chefs that come in contact with food/preparation will wear protective PPE and dispose of it afterwards.
  • Any infectious illnesses will be notified to all staff immediately, so that a controlled procedure to prevent the spread within the centre can be implemented.

Base Rooms and Equipment:

  • Where possible restrict the passing of toys between children, these toys should be cleaned and sterilized after each use.
  • Soft toys will be removed and resources and personal equipment such as drinking bottles/ cups and soothers are washed daily and as required
  • Furnishings and fabrics, such as cushion covers, dressing up clothes, soft bodied dolls etc are minimised an washed regularly.
  • Malleable resources such as playdough, sand and water will not be used in group play. Sand, water and playdough will be used under supervision on an individual basis.
  • All equipment both indoor and outdoor will be cleaned down after each use.
  • Room layouts/space and activities will reflect the need for social distancing were possible and all materials will be cleaned down after each use.

Management of additional Hygiene during COVID-19

  • All surfaces and contact areas will be sanitised and cleaned down throughout the day. (these include door handles, key pads/switches, light switches, all floors/toilets, toilet seats/handles, wash hand basin/taps, tables/chairs in base rooms, furniture and equipment in office and all computer/Tablets/ Telephones throughout the centre.

Management of Infectious Diseases / Reporting/Recording of illnesses

Infectious illnesses can cause significant ill health among infants and young children. The purpose of employing infection control procedures is to reduce the number of germs, to a level where there is no longer a threat to public health. Please refer to our general infection control policy for further guidance.

Should an outbreak of an infectious disease or COVID-19 occur, please refer to our Management of Confirmed COVID-19 policy and guidance.


  • PPE
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Paperwork and polices

Review Date

  • Under continuous review during COVID-19 period and per public health guidance
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