I really love working with toddlers and developing strong relationships with both the children and parents. Even if you’re having a tough day, the children instantly lift your spirit and make you laugh till your stomach was sore. I love supporting each child in their own individual path and always worked hard to give them the care and resources necessary for their own independent growth. I love being part of all the little things, from toilet training, to putting on their own coats and taking off their own shoes. I can’t describe how overwhelming it is to watch these children grow in the blink of an eye and I was so proud to be part of their learning.

While working in the toddler room, I was promoted to centre supervisor and began working off ratio. I didn’t realise how emotional I would be leaving my toddler room! I definitely miss having my own room but it’s so nice to gain experience in all of the different age groups. It’s been 3 months since I began my new role in Giraffe and I’m thoroughly enjoying learning new things.  I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to get to know so many of the children in different rooms and it’s so nice getting to know a lot more of the parents.

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