Michal & Mike 

Our son is at the crèche in Celbridge 2 years now and I feel its time to say a big thanks to the amazing staff over there, starting from the management. I must say that even when we had issues or concerns, which is a natural thing for parents, Karina and Paula always addressed them very seriously and with lots of empathy and a deep desire to help and resolve it, and it’s much appreciated.

Our feeling over the past 2 years, is that the carers are always there to listen to us and to make sure that we are 100% satisfied and this is not something we take for granted.

Our son is happy to go to the crèche every morning, develops, make friends, learns so many things and comes back safe and happy to us. At the end of the day –  that’s the most important thing to us all.

So, many many thanks!



Michal & Mike 

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