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Young children are full of energy. They are busy from first thing in the morning until they go to bed at night. Their little minds are sponges soaking up all of lives experiences and putting it into real life practice. They are developing at a very fast rate. As a result, many calories are burnt along the way.

As grown-ups, we encourage children from an early age to look at food in a positive light and to have a good relationship with it.  Quite often without realising it as adults we can often influence our children’s relationships with particular foods.

At Giraffe Childcare, we place emphasis on this. Across each of our centres we have state of the art kitchens for our centre cooks to produce delicious and nutritious freshly cooked meals for the children.  Our food is cooked free from salt, artificial flavouring or colours. All of our stock is home made.

Each season has a dedicated menu with sustainable, in season fresh produce, which encourages your child to taste as many different foods as possible allowing their palettes to develop further. We cater for all manner of allergies and dietary requirements. This can be discussed with your centre manager at induction.

Mealtimes are an important and fun social time for children and provide them with an opportunity to relax with their friends and catch on the day’s events.  When attending our centres your child will receive up to five meals per day. This will include breakfast, mid-morning snack, dinner, an afternoon snack, and tea.

For babies and younger children, pureed and chopped meals are the dish of the day and we’ll work closely with you during your child’s weaning period. Our menus are devised inline with Tusla guidelines.

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