Our Wonderful Giraffe Graduates

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Every year during the summer months, the preschool children in Giraffe prepare for graduation parties and set their sights on Primary school. It is a wonderful time to spend together as parents and carers reminisce about their time with Giraffe, reflect on the friendships they have made, and celebrate their individual achievements.


Here are some photos that capture the excitement of the most recent Graduates  There are more centres photos to come in the next few weeks…. 


Our Preschoolers at ParkWest had a lovely day for their graduation! The children sang their favorite songs for their parents, had a special balloon release, and enjoyed a party with their friends!

Liffey Valley

Congrats to the preschool graduates at Liffey Valley – the children all sang their songs beautifully! Our team who looked after them last year couldn’t be more proud. Wishing all of them the best in big school!


Hip Hip Horray! The preschool children in Lucan had a very special graduation day with friends and family celebrating their time with us in Giraffe. We wish them all the very best for Big School in September!


Congratulations to the recent graduates –  The children made their own Giraffe paintings as a keepsake, and talked about what they want to be when they grow up. We were so lucky to have our graduation party outside in the garden, and enjoy the celebrations


Here are the Preschool graduates from NCI! Thank you to Priscila for preparing our amazing cake! The children sang all their songs so beautifully, and the parents and families shared memories about their time in Giraffe.


The children sang so proudly at their special Outdoor Graduation Ceremony. All of us at Adamstown are looking forward to hearing all about big school when the children visit us again in September!


Our preschool graduation in Celbridge was really special! We had a great turn out of parents. The children looked lovely in their t-shirts with their self portraits on them and their superhero capes with their initials! Magic Mal’s Dotty Magic Shows provided great entertainment and the photo booth proved really popular! What a great day!


A huge congratulations to our Preschool Kenya class in Blanchardstown who graduated this week! We had a lovely day of celebrations! Wishing the children all the best for Big School!


Congratulations to the Navan preschool graduates and their families celebrating their time in Giraffe.
The staff team wish everyone the best of luck in their new adventure!

Central Park

The team in Central Park used the preschoolers Baby photos and their Graduation photos to make a wonderful display that the children could show to their parents and families! Congratulations to all the graduates and best wishes for your next adventure in Primary school.

Elm Park

The Preschool children performed a special “Rainbow play” for their parents and family at their graduation in ElmPark. The play was about all the different colours of the rainbow and how they are all equal and the same inside. Everyone did a great job at remembering their lines!


Congratulations to all the Preschool children as they prepare for Junior Infants in September! The graduates at Griffeen suggested an ‘Under The Sea’ theme for their ceremony, and the staff designed all sorts of wonderful games and activities for them on the day. Thank you to all the parents and families who joined us for the celebrations.

 Giraffe IFSC

Here are the IFSC Preschool graduates and their families celebrating their time in Giraffe. The children loved meeting the special guest from Paw Patrol!  The staff team in IFSC wish everyone the best of luck in their new adventure and are looking forward to hearing all about big school when the children visit us again in September!


What fun we had at our preschool graduation – thank you to Chef Jenny for preparing our amazing cupcakes! The children created self-portraits as a special keepsake for their families, and all the families shared memories about their time in Giraffe.

Northern Cross

Happy faces all around at the Preschool Graduation in Northern Cross! The children had a lovely day celebrating with friends and families. The children put on a Gruffalo play, the Mad Professor magician arrived and did lots of tricks and we also had our family BBQ which made for a very memorable day.


The children chose a Dr. Seuss themed Graduation in Leopardstown! The preschool groups were very happy to be celebrating with their parents and friends. We wish them all the very best for their new adventures in Big School!











Congratulations to all our Preschoolers in Clonsilla, we had a wonderful time celebrating with their families and friends on their Graduation day.

Oh the places you’ll go!

We wish all of the 2017 graduates the very best as they start the next chapter of their adventures!

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November Developmental Evenings

Learning to Learn Every Day All of our centres are currently hosting parent developmental evenings. The parent evenings are an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss these records with their child’s key carers, and to look at their child’s holistic development linked to the Aistear curriculum themes : ·         Exploring and Thinking ·         Well Being ·        […]

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

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Halloween @ Giraffe

Halloween is the time when scary skeletons, spooky ghosts and wicked witches roam the world. All of the Giraffe centres enjoyed the build up to Halloween last week, and the children and staff certainly got into the spirit of the festivities! The children were delighted to dress up for the whole day for their Halloween parties. For […]

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Giraffe Training Academy – Preschool carers Seminar

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Summertime Fun @ Giraffe

Here are the highlights from our Summer Festivals in 2017!

Monday, August 28th, 2017

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Risky Play – Teaching our children to trust themselves

Learning through play

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

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Tuesdays with Grandpa Peter

Peter’s story-time tradition started after our Leopardstown centre held their annual Grandparents Day in September & invited the children’s grannies and granddads to join them for games and activities.

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

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St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at Giraffe

Celebrating our national day makes us all feel proud to be Irish, and it allows the children to gain a better understanding of Irish culture and traditions ( Aistear themes, Identity & Belonging).

Monday, March 20th, 2017

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Healthy Ireland Smart Start Awards

Congratulations! We are thrilled to announce that three of our Giraffe centres have recently been awarded the status of Healthy Ireland Smart Start centres! Congratulations to Giraffe Cherrywood, Giraffe Navan and Giraffe Liffey Valley on completing this initiative. All Giraffe centres are currently enrolled in the programme and expect to receive their awards over the coming […]

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

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Cheerios Childline Breakfast

Every year in October, ISPCC Childline host a fundraising event called Cheerios Breakfast.  It is a fun charity breakfast which is hosted across the country to help support the ISPCC Childline services which answers calls from children in need across Ireland 24 hours a day. This year the event ran from 17 – 21st of […]

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

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Witches, Goblins, and Ghosts – Oh my!

Halloween is the time when scary skeletons, spooky ghosts and wicked witches roam the world. All of the Giraffe centres enjoyed the build up to Halloween last week, and the children and staff certainly got into the spirit of the festivities! The children were delighted to dress up for the whole day for their Halloween parties. For […]

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

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Affordable Childcare Schemes

The Affordable Childcare Scheme is currently available for ‘FIS’,  Medical Card holders and One-Parent families. It is also available to Adult Learners enrolled in VTOS or ETB courses.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

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Beating the winter bugs

Tips for preventing cold and flus this winter

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

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Parent Night with Aoife Lee

We recently held a special informational evening with our Parent Coach, Aoife Lee of Parent Support. The topic of the parent discussion was “Managing Change Together -Settling into Crèche, Moving Rooms and Preparation for School”. Our parents had provided feedback over the last few months on what they found were some of the more challenging aspects of parenting. […]

Monday, September 19th, 2016

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Summer festival Fun at Giraffe

Summer is festival time in Giraffe! The children look forward to the Summer Festivals every year, and every Giraffe Centre hosts different events through the summer months. This year, we saw Teddy Bear Picnics, Jungle Days, Magic Shows & Magicians, Beach days, Family BBQs and much much more! We have as many fun outdoor activities […]

Monday, August 29th, 2016

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Managing Sibling Rivalry over the Christmas season

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13 preschoolers | 2 teachers | 2 rugby coaches|1 bodhrán player and a whole lot of fun

The children and staff at Giraffe Leopardstown host a rugby day in honour and support of the Irish Rugby team. Our Giraffe Leopardstown pre-schoolers had so much fun showing their support by preparing rugby related artwork and learning ‘Irelands Call’ assisted by their teachers, Ciara O’Reilly and Ivonne Gonzalez. Our deputy manager, Roisin Byrne, accompanied […]

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Sweet Bread (Challah) Recipe for Rosh Hashanah

Last week it was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. To celebrate it with all our children relocated from Israel, we invited Maya’s mum Efrat to come today to bake a Challah with us at our centre in Celbridge. Challah is a special Jewish braided bread. The one made for Rosh Hashanah is made with […]

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

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Summertime Fun

Summer is festival time in Giraffe! We have as many fun outdoor activities as possible during the summer months to make the most of the fresh air and sunshine! ☀️☀️☀️ Each centre has its own calendar of events from Family BBQs to Sports Days to Beach parties. We encourage the children to take an active part […]

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

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Preparing you & your child for school

Starting school is an exciting time for you and your child

Monday, June 29th, 2015

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Why are nursery rhymes useful in the lives of young children today?

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